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Ciara is part of the small group of women that men consider perfect. Starting with her physical beauty: she is tall and with an ideal proportion from her feet to the waist, and from her waist to the head. A beautiful, serene face.

Long and slightly thick legs, smooth butt, but still sexy, tiny waist and sculpted belly.

Summarizing Ciara has a body and a beauty of a model but with a little more ass. Perfect!
If you have doubts watch this video, I've never seen a woman be so sexy in a music video

But that is not everything and that is not what makes her a super woman, what makes Ciara a superwoman is the amount of testosterone or masculinity that she shows. She is able to wear men's clothes and continue sexy. She dances so sensually and she does the movements that any man wants to be done to him, as if she knew what men like, as if she were able to think like a man. She dances in a super sexy way, like a strip tease dancer, but without never have been one. The only possible explanation is that she spent much time among boys in her childhood.

She is that kind of naughty women, able to wear a firefighter or police costume and interprete in a super sexy way, and as if that wasn’t enough, Ciara has an incredible pleasure in doing so. And when she's in high heels! She becomes a monument to woman, a structure. A boeing A380!

That kind of woman who asks a slap on the butt during the H hour.

And then she is so feminine, just as a man wants a woman to be, and she wears clothes that enhance the beauty of women and make her look like a princess.

It is no coincidence that she wears her hair so long.

She is a sex symbol, and many men try to shape their girlfriends to her image.

Woman, Princess, Girlfriend, Lover, Saint, Shy, Bold, Naughty, friend - Ciara is all that!
Ciara - Sorry, 2012

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