Note taking app for studying and research

Free Note Taking App for Students

The Web App is simultaneous a Free Personal Planner 2017-2018, Note Taking App, Bookmark Manager, To do List, Online Folder to keep your files, and greater than its parts.

Agenda 2017-2018 and beyond

We have all the dates from today to 2018 (we add more dates as time goes by). Every page of our app is a date where you can work, so you have infinite pages and the possibility to go back one page at a time to see things you worked on before. And off course there is search.

Everyday Links and Bookmark Manager

This is probably the most useful feature we have. Here you can paste any url from the internet and it will appear on your agenda, everyday.

Here is how the links will look like. We have an extension for chrome that allows you to add the link without having to paste on Agenda Mahala.

The page on the internet to keep your Research and Studying

You can also add topics that you are currently researching or classes, etc. If you add Marketing and, it will appear on every single page of your calendar. When you click on marketing you are taken to a page where you have articles and links and images, audios, etc about marketing. This is amazing for your studying.


Your regular appointments appear like this:


Every date on Agenda Mahala is a page for your thoughts, studies and notes. We have an online editor that supports copy and paste of articles with their images, word documents, and youtube videos, audios, etc.

Online Folder for your Files

Who carries a thumbdrive this days. At last but not least we have, a place where you can upload any kind of file and get direct links. We will keep increasing the given storage.

So, as you can see, this is amazing app for taking big notes, an amazing app that will make you more productive.

Agenda Mahala

Books by Stelio Inacio


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