The Bohemian Priest Erotic Saga

The Bohemian Priest is an Erotic Saga divided into several parts that tells the story of Gerson, a young man studying to be a priest in a seminar when he is raped by two nuns and has his life forever changed.

This event initiates the saga that involves some of the most important figures of the Bible and the Almighty himself. An original saga that could only have come from the mind of the writer who wrote The Good Screwer, The Bohemian Priest takes us through endless erotic and religious trips were Catholicism and sexuality are perfectly mixed.


The Saga The Bohemian Priest Saga will have between 15 to 25 Short Books. You can subscribe to the Saga for just $ 5 USD  and get every new volume on your email immediately after being released, till the last volume.


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Book 4 — The Devil and the world against God

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Chapter I — Diabolical Plan

Seven months after the latest events, the devil met practically every day with the Father and always expressed his dissatisfaction with Gerson and the way he tricked him into believing that he was interested in working in hell with him. God was tired of hearing such complaints that only lengthened the meetings that the two necessarily had to have to deal with specific issues.
After having talked to and received the suggestion from Gerson who was getting married in two days, God made a peace offering to the devil:
— Gerson and I would be very honored if you would organize Gerson’s bachelor party. It's tomorrow in Earth’s time.

As soon as he heard these words the devil’s first impulse was to decline strongly, but as Gerson figured, he accepted.
After the quality time he spent with the devil, Gerson knew him enough to know that he couldn’t resist a party and that he considers the bachelor party as the party of all parties. A moral pass given to man by society to fool around and not be judged, a day when a common God-fearing man could become him.
The devil however didn’t accept for that reason alone, he had a plan.

The evil plan was quite simple and in the end Gerson would experience first end the devil’s famous maliciousness that had over Gerson millennia and millennia of cleverness. Revenge is a dish best served cold and the dish that the devil had to Gerson was on point.
Moreover since Gerson became involved with God his millennial plan to dethrone the Father was put into standby mode. Gerson has enormous charisma in the Kingdom of Heaven, when the devil met him he wanted him as an ally right away, but after the latest developments he realized that he would be the biggest obstacle to all his plans.
The devil left hurried. He knew the perfect women to distract Gerson during the bachelor party. He had noticed that what most attracted Gerson in Valerie, even more than her body's sensuality, was her kindness and her good heart. Well, the kindest women in the universe are right there in heaven, and better: they aren’t women, they are angels.

There are several angels in heaven, but those whose good work annoyed the devil the most, because they are very charitable, are the twelve angels to whose cloud the devil was heading.
In heaven there are many clouds, and each one of them may be a dwelling place for angels or souls blessed to stay in paradise. The clouds viewed from afar are small, but once inside they become a place of infinite space without doors, the door is only visible from the outside. To exit you just have to ask to leave.
When the devil arrived there he found the Angels busy hearing human prayers and granting wishes. These Angels are all female. Of the twelve Angels, 6 God created from the heart and named them Cordial and 6 from the brain and named them Wise. Together they found the difficult balance between the heart and the brain.

The Angels in the sky have the same body type, human head and hands but from the trunk down a funnel cone, pointed below that allows them to levitate above the clouds and they have wings on the back that allow them to fly whenever necessary.
The devil arrived annoying them right away:
— Hi First Cordial, I had my eyes set on that thief that you decided to forgive, you making destroying my work the reason for your existence!
— What do you want here! We are not in any mood to hear your long and annoying complaints. Let's just agree to keep disagreeing. — Said the First Wise who could not stand the devil.
— Today I come in peace, I need a favor. — Said the devil trying to get the content of some prayers.

— What do you want? — Asked the First Cordial.
— A young man is getting married and it would mean a lot to him if you receive him, bless him and prepare him for the wedding.
— What young man? — Asked the Sixth Wise.
— The new Saint, Gerson.
Hearing these words all Angels became lit (literally) in happiness, all the kingdom of heaven had heard about Gerson’s great achievements. The First Wise however intervened again:
— What are you up to, why would you bring him here. You never do anything that is not of your interest.

— Simple dearest and beloved sister. — Said the devil who was created by God angel like them. — I made a bet with the Father that I can organize the best bachelor party for Gerson, and it occurred to me that the best bachelor party for a Saint is spending the day surrounded by Angels and get to see souls being saved.
— What is a bachelor party brother? — Asked the Third Cordial, who had a gentle side for the devil, In spite of everything she still saw him as a dear brother.
— The last day as single. — Said the devil and then added. — But if you don’t want I can go ask the twelve at the Father’s left.
— Please sister!!

All the other Angels in unison begged to the First Wise and First Cordial.
— Fine.
They agreed although still very apprehensive.
— Bring him soon.

And saying these words the devil had a coughing attack, a false attack, kneed to compose himself and let out a gas that was inside an ampoule that he brought which mixed itself with the gas on that cloud.
He got up, pretending he was already recomposed, and said he would be right back.
Three minutes later the gas that the devil released mixed thoroughly with the cloud floor. As we saw angels do not have a body like ours. They have the most beautiful faces, and the twelve Cordial and Wise Angels were simply beautiful. They had hands, but nothing more, their bodies were simply the body of a little ghost with transparent wings.
Three minutes after the devil left they found themselves all passed out on the cloud’s floor.

Chapter II — The Female Body

The twelve Angels stood up one by one. Each one of them had the full human body, more specifically the female body. The beauty of their faces remained radiant, the wings were gone.
They were completely naked, in the flesh, and what flesh!
Ironically the First Wise had the curvier body, and large and incredibly proportional breasts. The First Cordial had average breasts but a fantastic ass. The Third Cordial had big breasts and fascinating hips. The Sixth Wise had a top model body and was the tallest of all of them. The Fourth Cordial had a lingerie model body with a little more ass compared to the Sixty Wise. The Second Cordial had small breasts and was the shorter one, but amazingly sexy as only short woman can be sexy. All of them lacked any sort of body hair from the neck down. They had the sex showing and the most perfect skin and no wrinkles that has ever been seen. Everything there seemed photoshoped, even the hair.

The devil had given them different skin tones I believe to diversify them. From the most ebony ebony, to the most ivory ivory, and in the middle he had made mixed bodies whose origin of the original colors would be difficult to trace.
The Angels had never had or seen the human body before and they didn’t even know that what they had in them now was the human body except for the First Wise who had the duty to know more than the others. It was all a strange, brave new world. They had trouble to even stand. They had no idea what was happening to them, was it the devil? Wondered the First Cordial. But no, she concluded, what he had to gain by giving them that strange appearance. Fortunately the clouds helped them stand.

The First Cordial grabbed her breasts and felt them for a good 30 seconds.
— They are soft. — She said at the end of the inspection.
The Second Cordial with small breasts ran to grab the Fifth Cordial’s breasts and while feeling them said:
— Wow, it is true. And they are pointy at the center.
— Ay, Ay, Stop! – the Fifth Cordial complained. – That feels strange.
They all began inspecting their own breasts and then the breasts of who were beside. They all agreed that it caused a strange feeling that they had never felt before.
— This is called... — Started the First Wise.
They all admired her body. Pure lust. She continued:
— It’s called desire.

Chapter III — The Bachelor Party

Little more than eight months after the memorable night Valerie spent with Gerson, she was pregnant and about to have the child. The marriage date had been set in emergency mode and the two were just a few days away from seeing that dream come true. A few days after Gerson had spent the 40 days and 40 nights expiating the sins that the devil had forced him to commit in hell, one fine morning, just after the Mass, Father Gerson organized in the sacristy the offertory received from the faithful for the good actions of the parish, Sister Valerie came apprehensively and found him all smiles.

— What is it Valerie, our days of suffering are over. There are only reasons to smile and give praise to God.
The Sister looked down painfully disagreeing with the Father.
Gerson approached her and took her hands. They were cold.
— What is up?
He asked.
Valerie simply took his hand and put on her belly in tears.

The Father and the Sister hugged and thus remained for so long on that sacristy beneath the sculpture of Christ nailed to the cross and beside a sculpture of the Virgin Mary.
That same day they left the service of the Church and went to live together in Gerson's apartment.
Apartment where the devil appeared in the morning. He sat on the armchair of the chair where Gerson was seated, and began:
— There are three types of bachelor parties: type one, so good that it only ends at the way to church the next morning.  Type two, so good that it is the best day of your life, you are still going to get married, but knowing that you will never have a day like that again and finally the type three, the one I'm going to give you now, let’s go!

The devil touched him and they disappeared.
They arrived at the front door of the twelve angels. The devil opened the door and began:
— This is the bachelor party type three. I prepared this for you. Here you are in heaven, neither I, nor God, no one can see what you do in this cloud here in paradise. God only controls the world down there. You're welcome! Type three is bachelor party so good you will never get married.
And saying this the devil pushed Gerson in and vanished.
Gerson entered and the door was gone.

Regardless of the strange body, following the First Wise’s orders, the twelve were back to work, listening to human prayers and granting wishes. They all turned around when realizing that someone was there, which made their breasts rapidly shake, it was like a stab in Gerson’s chest, especially the magnificent breasts of the First Wise where his eyes instinctively focused. On those women he saw the most diverse colors that the female body takes. From the wonderful Mozambican, the amazing Indian, the fantastic Swedish, The nubian Ethiopian, the hot Brazilian, the super American and the mystical Arabic. And yet Gerson returned to focus on the First Wise.
— What a woman. — He thought.
Gerson looked down, he was completely naked and equally without body hair from the neck down.
— Congratulations to the devil, he really excelled. But none of his prostitutes interest me. – Gerson thought.

— We are not prostitutes, we are Angels at the service of people. We hear their prayers and grant them the desires that can actually contribute to their happiness.
Said the First Wise who like the other twelve could hear Gerson’s thoughts, he was there with his human body.
— Sorry. — Gerson said and continued. — I just thought that the devil had set me up. I have always wanted to meet you, I hope I’m not getting in the way.

— No need to apologize, and yes the devil was here a little ago and he must have done something to our bodies, I hope you do not mind. — Said the First Cordial who came towards Gerson with her swaying breasts and sat him on a chair that appeared in their midst.
In paradise, and clouds in particular, any needed object can be forged from the clouds and appear instantly. But only an angel or heaven personal has the power to do so.
— Yes, I hope you don’t mind Gerson. And yes we know who you are. — Said the First Wise. — I want to express my admiration for you. The work you do on earth with families in need, the poor, the lost souls is so good. And we will never forget what you did for our brother Aniel. I admire you so much and you are so wise, come here.

And saying this the First Wise who was really a big fan of Gerson came to hug him. Gerson felt her soft, enormous, beautiful breasts involving his entire chest. When he put his hands on her back for the hug, he marveled at how slim she was despite the enormous breasts, large hips and round ass. He lowered his hand and felt her wonderful little waist. That could only be witchcraft. That body seemed drawn on a computer or on paper by the erotic imagination of an extremely talented artist.
The First Wise who did not understand a lot about hugs took a long time on that one, until she felt something attacking her from below, she stood back from Gerson for a moment and all saw coming from him, a scary snake that looked evil.

— What is that? — Asked the First Wise that despite all her wisdom had never seen an erect penis, she thought they always stay shrunken.
— Sorry, it's just my sexual organ. I must have gotten aroused, but I swear I did not mean it, sometimes it is stronger than us, we are very weak on earth and here I am with my human body. — Apologized Gerson who was truly ashamed.
— It was shrunken and suddenly grew so much! — Admired the First Wise.
The Second Wise forced Gerson to sit.

— Wow. – They marveled when they saw that Gerson’s snake stared at them standing.
— It winked at me! — Protested the Sixth Cordial.
The Fourth Cordial knelt and grabbed the snake, Gerson’s penis, with both hands.
— It's long. Is it coming from your body? — She asked looking Gerson in the eyes. This only served to increase his arousal, and here it wasn’t even the devil’s fault, the Angels were already originally beautiful, her face had no equal, such perfection and such innocence when she talked. Gleaming teeth, and lips so naturally red!

— No, it's part of my body. All men have it on earth.
— Aha! This is what causes so many problems on earth! — Did the Third Wise. — When women ask us to make their husbands faithful they are asking that they do not use this thing in any other woman, only in her.
— Yes. — Agreed the Fifth Wise approaching behind Gerson and touching her breasts on his back. And then she added with a not purposely sexy voice — but how do you use it in women? And will it shrink?

Gerson who was surrounded by those fascinating bodies, knew that erection wouldn’t shrink anytime soon and that question only served to get him more aroused, his penis was shaking with so much arousal. It seemed like it would come alive and alone have his way with one of those bodies.
— It will not shrink now, but don’t worry, it's harmless. Let's just talk about something else. — He said with difficulty, controlling that situation was getting harder and harder, curious about that amazing toy, they began to surround him from all sides.
The tallest of the Angels, the one with the top model's body, went to his front to be able to hear him better which meant he had her sex right in front of his eyes.

— It got wet! — Said the Fifth Cordial that noticed a little semen that had risen to the tip.
Gerson had failed to hold, those women of different races and with super-hot, well defined bodies and extremely beautiful, were more than he could bear.
The Fourth Cordial who was still on her knees and who had also noticed that some liquid had appeared there, suddenly put that snake in her mouth.
— No! — Gerson shouted.

She remained with it in her mouth. The Fifth Wise who followed closely, went to the front and got on her knees too, took Gerson’s penis from the Fourth’s mouth and put it in her mouth. And one by one they all did the same while Gerson protested:
— Please don’t do that. You are only making it worse. – Gerson begged.
— Wait a minute Gerson we just want to know how this works. We don’t know much about humans, knowing this will greatly help us grant wishes to people. It's our only chance. — Said the Second Wise.
— Yes, Gerson, we just want to understand.

Said all the others while fighting each other to have their turn with Gerson’s penis in the mouth.
The First Wise, who like the others saw for the first time how the human body works, was standing a little away.
While her sisters were fighting for their turn with Gerson’s penis in their mouth, she had discovered something she couldn’t stop verifying slightly putting in her finger. She had a hole between her legs. If her finger could get in perhaps Gerson’s snake also could. But wasn’t it dangerous? Wouldn’t Gerson’s snake devour her from inside? It was worth a try.
— Move away. – She shouted.

They all did. The First Wise still had her finger inside her hole. Gerson saw what was happening:
— Wait, I don’t want to pervert you, you are...
Hold him.
The eleven held Gerson, some by his hands, some by the foot, and forced him to sit.

The First Wise, with her curvaceous body, first swung a leg over her sisters that kept one of Gerson's feet on the floor and then the other. She went down slowly afraid of Gerson’s snake, aligned it perfectly with her hole and before she put it in, she told Gerson caressing him with her other hand:
— I'm sorry Gerson, we are very curious, we just want to know how it works.
And she sat on him, inserting Gerson’s penis completely inside her and so she remained, groaning and shaking with a new feeling within her: pleasure.
— Is this how it works? — She asked looking at Gerson.

After a few seconds seeing that she did not move and no longer being able to bear the tremendous arousal he was feeling, Gerson took her by her thin little waist, he then proceeded to lift her and move her down repeatedly.
— It's like this. — He said while making her ride his organ.
The First Wise going up and down on top of Gerson, hugged him tightly almost choking him with her huge breasts that were practically in Gerson's face. No longer being able to hold it surrounded by so stupidly hot woman, Gerson came completely inside her.

When the First Wise slowly detached herself from him the others were completely involved in desire. Their hole was wet and some of them even started to drip. The First Wise walked away.
Gerson’s erection had diminished.
— You killed the thing. — Complained the First Cordial.
— I'm tired. — Complained Gerson.
— Give him the manna. — Said the First Wise who was also tired.

The First Cordial made Gerson drink the heavenly manna and as soon as his lips touched the sacred liquid his erection was restored. When the First Cordial saw and grabbed that erection, she also sat down on top of it.
The twelve Angels lined up and each of them had a manna glass to give to Gerson when they were up.
The Angels could hear everything Gerson thought. And they would execute it right away obediently. If he looked at two of them and thought kiss each other, they started to kiss without even knowing what they were doing. When he thought bend a little to the side or up one of your legs, they also executed it. They were the perfect women, every man’s dream.

Gerson gave each of them a dose. The First Wise seeing that the other’s dose took longer than hers, cut the queue and also repeated catering to Gerson’s every thought.
After a short time there was no longer any rationality, no moral, no law to control the twelve Angels and Gerson in that place, it was only desire, lust, carnality. That animal being that we all have inside.

Gerson tired of sitting, took them on their fours, standing, bent, one on top of another, anyway he remembered and anyway they improvised at the moment. And this went on for hours and hours thanks to the great power of the heavenly manna, endless sex.

Chapter IV – God In trial

The devil knew very well the capabilities of the female body to bring perdition and destruction to man’s and even woman’s life. After all it was no secret that it was the woman who got humans kicked out of paradise.
With Gerson away, and he knew Gerson would be away for a while, it was the right time he had been waiting for millennia and millennia to execute his coup d’état. The truth is that the relationship with the Father in recent years had been peaceful, God let him rule hell, condemn souls, go after a lot of people in earth and let him walk freely in the Kingdom of Heaven including Paradise itself. The big problem was the arrival of Gerson in the world, Gerson was a kind of new golden child and the devil was tired of being left behind in consideration by his brothers who came after him and robbed him of all the glory.

The Devil also wanted to be recognized as a savior, as a guardian of the peace in God's Kingdom, for him it was not too much to ask. And now came Gerson, another beloved son of the Father with whom he had to compete, enough!
The devil would take things into his own hands, he would dethrone the Father Himself and make the Kingdom of Heaven in his own image and impose new laws and new prophets in earth, send his own Messiah, the antichrist, to preach his teachings.
The devil spoke to Saint Peter and called for an urgent trial.

At the dome were the trials are held, were most of the angels, the heavenly figures and God, the devil entered followed by a huge amount of souls.
— Son, what do you want from Me? — God asked from all sides.
— I came to judge you for your mistakes, for your indifference, for your complicity. For every creature that you created that with free will you give them a pass to kill, to betray, to be unfaithful to us who serve them. Your world obviously does not work, and I have millions of souls as witness.
And pointing at some of the souls he had brought there, the devil continued:

— This is the soul of a child who died run over by a car when she was 7 years old what completely devastated her family, this is the soul of a young woman who was killed at age 16 by a person who lived to be 90 years old without ever having paid for his crime and had a happy family and not once regretted the crime he committed, this is the soul of a 14 year old soldier who died in battle in a war that did not benefit anyone and had no legitimate cause to be, this is the soul of a poet who died at the height of his creation at age 23, this is the soul of a young woman who lived all her life being a servant to abusive masters, this is the soul of a woman who was abused and betrayed all her life by a man who never loved but only used her, this whole group back there are souls of children who were less than 2 years old when they died, and this — and here he pointed to the middle of souls. — Come on , do not be shy. — The soul approached. — This is Valerie’s soul. What God is this!
Here there was a disapproving whisper.
God appeared in angel figure while the souls going towards Him protested:

— We want a new life on earth! We want a new life on earth!
— What have you done? — He asked the devil.
— What have I done? No, what have you done?
Valerie’s soul went to talk to St. Peter and asked for Gerson. He did not know of his whereabouts. He had called him and sought for him as soon as the devil asked him to organize a trial. What St. Peter knew is that Gerson was not on earth, otherwise he would have already found him.
The devil had organized a group of souls who were in paradise and hell who had lived lives full of injustice, misery and who had died young.

But even more souls joined this movement hoping God would give them a second chance for a more rewarding and happy life on earth. Paradise was good, but life on earth was the basis on which the souls were defined and when in conversation with each other, the time spent in earth always came up. To not have much or anything to say about that time or to have had an unfortunate and full of injustice life, was a constant weight on those souls conscience. It is true that the people who wronged them were paying for it in hell, but they still felt incomplete because they didn’t have a happy life.
So the revolt of souls, organized by the devil had gotten completely out of control. Half of souls in heaven heard this cry: We want a new life on earth, and joined the choir.

The Angels knowing their suffering, could only consent being silent though not intervening. They actually had often wished the same for these people.
God who was on His Angel form was surrounded by an immensity of souls. The devil approached him and showed him the seclusion cloud where an angel or soul could lock himself to meditate for years.
— Let me correct this Father. Let us fix the world, you have been a tyrant in it for a long time.

God was confused, but above all furious seeing his creations revolting against Him. Besides He could really use the rest. If they did not appreciate the immense work He had done and was doing for them, they could all go screw themselves.
— Fine. I will go to the seclusion cloud, suit yourselves.
And saying this God went in there and the devil locked him and pushed the cloud away.
He could not believe it, he finally had the supreme power. He was the number one in heaven, earth and hell. Finally.

The multitude of souls was there all eyes fixed on him, waiting for their requests to be satisfied. The first thing the devil did was bring up the Father’s chair and sit on it.
Victory tasted good.
— St. Peter, bring me Gerson. He is at the twelve cordial and wise dwelling.
St. Peter was about to go there and Valerie’s soul asked to go along, the devil immediately agreed.

Chapter V — Abandoned, Dead and Betrayed

When St. Peter and Valerie arrived there, outside they found the door ajar. Valerie stopped St. Peter and said to him:
— Do you mind if I go in first to tell Gerson about my death, I don’t want him to be scared.
— All right, I'll wait out here. — He agreed.
Valerie smiled, she pushed the door slowly and upon entering found Gerson in full sexual act taking on her fours one of all those women, so many she couldn’t count them all at once, it looked like they were about twenty.

She fainted, not only because of the horror of the scene she saw, but also the gas that the devil put in that cloud’s floor.
A few seconds later when she woke up she was in Gerson’s arms and surrounded by the Angels.
Valerie was in human form, also completely naked, her sexy body that we know very well, was now even better with the devil’s Photoshop. Her breasts slightly rounder, her nipple slightly more swollen, the waist became a little waist which emphasized her curves, smaller than the First Wise’s but perhaps for that more beautiful. Her legs without any wrinkle or scar, pure freeway of desire, rosy knees, little feet, her nails so well taken care, complete absence of body hair, and large volume of hair on her head, a skin that shines, lips better than a kiss.

— Forgive us. — Began the First Wise addressing Valerie. – It is all our fault.
And then she explained what the devil had done giving them these bodies full of desire, how they were curious about how the penis works, how humans have sex and how they allowed themselves to be taken by a new sensation which was pleasure having insisted with Gerson for him to have sex with them one by one and having made him lose control.
Valerie was in Gerson’s arms and felt his huge erection that touched her waist, she felt coming from his organ a strong pulse that called the wilder things she had inside her, that unstoppable and devastating desire.

The others had not noticed the difference because they had just met Gerson, but Gerson’s body was also modified by that cloud.
He was slightly taller, he was more handsome, with a stunning 5’o clock shadow beard, his lips were more alive, his chest was extremely better defined, his arm was much bigger, his abdominals were on point, the legs were stronger and even his sex was bigger. Size, diameter, everything. She could not believe it, Gerson was a complete and perfect Greek god. It was just too much, she couldn’t breathe, and how someone as handsome as her priest got even more handsome. It was unfair, she needed to have Gerson, she wanted Gerson right there, at that moment, the desire was too strong.

Her hands went to Gerson’s member.
Furthermore, since they abandoned the church and while preparing the wedding they had agreed to not have sex again till after the wedding and the birth of the baby.
— Take me too Gerson. Show them I am yours. Fuck me now!  Please fuck me! — She said full of desire that had been contained for far too long.
— But Valerie what happened, where's the baby, what are you doing here? – Gerson wondered truly worried and not understanding why Valerie was speaking like that.
— No please, Gerson, I want it a lot, I can’t no longer control it.

And saying this she got on all fours.
— I want you to fuck me like you fucked her.
Asked Valerie who in her life had only had sex once, at the time she rode Gerson.
Gerson had to obey and penetrated her from behind as carefully as he could, courtesy he had not extended the twelve.

— Give me it all Gerson! — Asked Valerie who was lost in desire.
Gerson went with all and while he penetrated his bride the Angels caressed him and kissed his body. Valerie during the act spoke as best as she could.
— First I heard a loud noise, then the apartment exploded. A lot of smoke came in our room and I think I died suffocated.
Gerson while penetrating her cried. He had left something on the stove when the devil came and took him to the bachelor party. He did not remember to turn off the stove.

Valerie took the rest of the time to tell Gerson everything that was happening in heaven, and how the devil had taken the power and required his presence. The end of the story coincided with perhaps the fiftieth time that Gerson ejaculated that day, he stood, asked Valerie to stay there and left, closing the door behind him.
St. Peter was waiting outside, when getting out the door he lost his human form and became a normal soul. He left with St. Peter to meet the devil.

Chapter VI — The Devil's Advisor

Gerson arrived and saw that immensity of souls, the devil on the throne and the remaining figures scattered in several groups talking about the events. Gerson rushed to be with the devil.
— So Gerson, did you enjoy your bachelor party? I heated them up for you.
He asked with a wink.

— But what do you think you are doing. – Gerson answered ignoring him. — What is your plan? How do you think you will rule the earth? You do not have the capacity or understanding of how things work down there.
— That’s why I do not want to rule it alone. — And here the devil said this loudly so that everyone could hear. — This is a democracy, everyone can take part in the government of the earth, I will listen to everyone and together we will make decisions.
— So this is your brilliant idea, sit on the throne but not have to take any decision, use others? — Protested Gerson.

— I'm going to rule, and I will rule perfectly. For a start I want you to get me contracts with all who want a better life, I will give them talent, women, money, change of life, whatever they want and in return their souls will be mine forever.
Gerson as if giving in, only said:
— Fine.
— Yes Gerson, perfect. Let's make a new world together. Me and you working together, we are invincible.
— That I don’t know.

— What do you mean? – Questioned the devil.
— What is your plan? — Replied Gerson really curious.
— Change the world. Not allow injustice, give everyone the opportunity to have a happy life on earth. Not allow premature deaths, not wait a lifetime to condemn people for their mistakes, take the suffering of the world.
— Sorry devil but you look like a child who found a formula one car turned on and with the key forgotten there. Most likely if he gets in the car and drives it is to end up killing himself. You have no idea how God rules the world.

— So help me, we have here the opportunity to lead the world as we want. Look at all these souls in eternal suffering, from the world that God created where children die, where people are used without ever having the opportunity to ask for help, without God talking to them and giving them something, where people suffer. You can all help me.
— I do not know how to help you devil, and you Jesus?
— No.
— I don’t know.
— Neither do I.
— Idem.

And one by one the heavenly figures were responding. Gerson approaching the devil began:
— We could make a world the way you like, where a father who lost his 2 year old son can sell his soul to have him back, where a man who envies his neighbor's house can buy it offering to take the life of a man who ran over a child, where 5 men make at the same time a contract with you in order to be the President of a country but you trick them because you can only grant the title to one of them. The truth is that this world would be imperfect, and wouldn’t last a week. People would soon realize what is happening. What world would this be in which at any given second people just have to call you to have the life they always wanted, the possessions they have always dreamed about, what world would this be in which people do not have to suffer and sweat to achieve their dreams and what value would have something that was simply given to them. How sad would hell be if it were full of people who regret having gone after an immediate desire that you offered them right away instead of having built and fought till victory for what they desire the most.

And Gerson addressing the souls continued:
— I know every one of you here has been mistreated, wronged, used, lived horrible lives, some so terrible that we can’t even begin to imagine. We, all of us here, very much regret what happened to you, maybe that is why no one had the courage to defend the Father, because he never cared for you, he left you in that suffering that not only oppressed you but also your family. You are not unlucky, you are not excluded, you are part of a world where every person is free to make their own choices and where every choice made has its price not only for the individual but for all who may be affected by this choice and sometimes for the whole world and to the very earth where you live. I know that condemning to hell the person who robbed you of life on earth is not enough. But you are forgetting one thing, God never told you that life on earth or in paradise, or even in hell (because some people like it there), is the best thing in existence, the reason why we are here. There is only one reason for everything, for everything that was, for everything that is, for everything that will be. It is the moment. It is neither the past nor the present nor the future. The present doesn’t even exist, a second later it is the past, a second from now it is the future. But the moment is everything. And a bad moment if seen from the point of view that everything that could happen to us, especially the good things, could be happening, becomes the most precious thing in existence, becomes our Father's love for us, because he gave this to us, the infinite possibility of happiness. Every moment we live is infinite in possibilities, at this very moment instead of being here complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves, you could be building new friendships, doing millions of activities, meeting millions of interesting people, thinking and dreaming about positive things, fantastic things, letting yourselves be carried away by your imagination. Wealth of moments is the best wealth that a human being can have. Do not forget to enjoy a wealth that the Father has given you in abundance.

The souls listened carefully to Gerson’s words. When he finished one by one they started to leave the place to go continue their existence.
The devil rose from the throne. Those words had also touched him and he could only agree with Gerson, he did not have an action plan to rule the world, only to take it. He was counting on governing it with the help of his brothers and sisters, he just wanted the Almighty title for himself. To have stolen the power of the Father even if it had been just for a few minutes, was the biggest win in his existence and he enjoyed every second of it, even Gerson’s intervention, Thank God for Gerson, he thought. Why Govern, let the Father worry about that, what I want is to enjoy my eternity and make bad people pay for their mistakes. He thought.
— All right you won. — Finally said the devil out loud.
— Let's talk to the Father, take me to Him. — Gerson ordered.

Chapter VII — Divine Trio

Gerson and the devil entered the seclusion cloud and found the Father seating playing an instrument like the piano, we'll call it piano, playing from the heart.
He wasn’t surprised to see them there. The devil stood a little back embarrassed.
God rules the world through numbers, mathematics. God’s mathematics is extremely complex. Where did God come from, probably from another universe, the important thing is that he made us in His image and likeness, and that He is a mathematician.

Precisely for that He loves music.
Music is the universal language, the relations between the musical notes are numerical relations, so much so that music follows similar laws as the essence of the universe itself, the mathematics of being and existing. Music has a direct line to God’s ear.
But where we humans simply hear sounds, God, who is mathematics itself, sees numbers dancing the most beautiful dance, the ballet of melody, the embrace of harmony.
Each note that God played on that kind of piano, made Him tremble with sounds. God was with his human image as were Gerson and the devil, but wrapped in fabrics like the Greeks. It was an effect of that particular cloud.

Gerson realized how much music meant to Him.
— Get us a bass and a drum set, place them next to the Father.
He asked the devil who instantly made them appear.
Gerson took the bass and the devil the drums. Both quickly entered the rhythm and provided an accompaniment to the theme the Father played. The theme was really beautiful.
God’s solo under their accompaniment showed His sadness and disappointment with all His creation who dared to go against Him.

When He completed it, God fell in a harmonious sequence of low intensity chords that gave way to Gerson’s solo. In it he expressed in music everything he had just said to the suffering souls.
As for the devil he showed his rage in a virtuoso but angry drum solo, his favorite instrument. His feelings of not being held in high regard by God, loneliness, feeling disrespected and devalued stood out.
At the end of the devil's solo, the three came back to the main theme in reconciliation and ended that musical moment perfectly in sync.

No words were necessary, and while the devil and Gerson heard sounds, God contemplated amazing numerical progressions; sound intervals, the duration of the notes, the intensity, the relations of all sounds with each other and the musical scale, the geometry of music itself, the circle of harmony, the triangle of concord and the multifaceted polygons of dissonance, all expressed in beautiful numerical equations that went straight to His brain and divine heart.
When they finished they left the seclusion room, God was received with great joy by the Angels and other paradise personal who in turn sang songs to his glory.

God smiled which was very rare in Him.
Gerson was about to leave Him when he called him aside:
— The equation of the world — He began — exists in equilibrium, suffering itself, misery, premature death, abandonment, betrayal, all which is evil, despicable and ghastly is part of the equilibrium. The world was not made to be perfect and I know that you know that Gerson, it was made to separate the wheat from the chaff. Knowing how to live is to know how to accept the world as it is, perfect-imperfect, beautiful-ugly, monstrous-wonderful, paradise-hell in one place. And I know you know it and I'm very happy for that. But now tell me, do you want to stay next to Valerie, do you want her to come back with you?
— No, we both believe that she can do more for humans from here, there's only one thing she asks, which is working alongside the twelve cordial and wise.

God approved.
Gerson went to give the good news and was received by the twelve cordial and wise and Valerie who were waiting for him with open legs. The Angels made Valerie realize that now that she was one of them she had to share everything with them and especially Gerson.

Chapter VIII — The Antichrist

Valerie’s death is not something the devil wouldn’t pay attention to. He made himself present in the room when she suffocated and lost her life and about to have the same luck was the almost 9 month baby. The Devil marked him inside the mother's womb, presided himself to the child's birth, and took him to hell.
The mark of the devil that the child carries, is 666. And the devil wants him to be his messiah, the antichrist.
*********** The Bohemian Priest will continue in Book 5 **********

 Book 5 – Father Gerson and the Religious Young Lady

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