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Agenda Mahala is the perfect companion for college and school.

It is the best website for college that provides students with many different resources and the possibility to keep links, book excerpts, books in electronic format (you can upload pdf, docs, epubs etc), keep appointments, notes and references that you need and also it will help you organize your schedule or calendar for school and help you prepare for future lessons and keep the resources you need in well organized pages. It comes with 1 GB online flash.

You can create infinite pages dedicated to specific subjects like: Biology, Marketing, History, Geography, English, Law, Math etc. On any of the pages you create you can add Youtube videos, upload files, write appointments, upload audios of the classes, paste excerpts from other pages and articles, and everything just stays there. You can then access this information on your PC, tablet or phone.

The perfect companion for college

Books by Stelio Inacio


This book is the blueprint for happiness. It Includes 5 books: 
1. Human Hypocrisy
2. Life's Opportunity Cost
3. What does Being Alive Mean?
4. Mr. Psycholosgist, Tell Me How to Be Happy!
5. Advice and Lessons for Life (80 articles)

The Psychology Student's Suicide

Sex Trilogy

Three erotic books: The Good Screwer, Making Love is Cooking and Panties

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